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Sell My House Fast San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo has a laid-back charm that makes it a very peaceful place to live in. So, if you already live in this town but is in danger of having your home taken away from you due to foreclosure, then you need to know how to stop foreclosure fast.

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San Lorenzo is a census-designated place that is located in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Alameda County. Although it has a population of 23,452, it is fondly called by the locals as San Lorenzo Village. San Lorenzo is mainly a residential community. If you live in this village but is facing problems regarding foreclosure, then you need to know the best way to stop foreclosure fast.

A Populated Residential Community with Laidback Charm

San Lorenzo is originally named Squattersville in the mid-1800s but was later named to its current moniker. During 1944, most of the land was granted to the US Navy and it was during this time when planned communities were constructed. This was the time when San Lorenzo was developed in the way it is now.

The town of San Lorenzo has many residential developments, and this is the reason why the median house value in this town can fetch as high as $626,370. This makes San Lorenzo one of the places in the country that has the highest house prices thus making it the most expensive in California. And since the city is located at close proximity to the cities of Hayward and San Lorenzo, it is very accessible to many commuters.

This is the reason why, despite its laidback charm, there are many places to relax in San Lorenzo. Downtown San Lorenzo is lined with restaurants and shops where you can enjoy dining and buying local stuff. The best place to shop in San Lorenzo is the Lucky Supermarket and the Lorenzo Manor Shopping Center where you can buy local to imported products.

Within the main street in San Lorenzo lies many restaurants such as the Hunan Restaurant, 88 Chinese Restaurant, R&D Café, Peking Garden Restaurant, Sisi’s Hong Kong Café, Pinoy’s Place Restaurant, and Ichi Japanese Restaurant. There are many Asian restaurants in San Lorenzo because there is a large community of Asians living in this town.

If shopping and dining out is something that you don’t immensely enjoy, you can stroll along downtown San Lorenzo and find the Lorenzo Theater along Hesperian Boulevard. The movie theater shows the latest movies on the silver screen. If you want a quiet time at home, you can visit the San Lorenzo Library and borrow a few books so that you can spend the rest of your weekend feeding your inner bibliophile.

The town of San Lorenzo may be small, but it features enough interesting places so that you will not run out of things to do in this quaint town.