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Want to know more about Sell Quick California? We do our best to provide the highest cash offer for your home. We buy houses to help as many people as possible in tough life circumstances or those simply wanting to make a change. On this page, you will learn a bit more about who we are at Sell Quick California, and why our focus is to provide a better way to sell your home. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1 (866) 497-8248 or fill in the contact us form below, and we will try to answer any and all questions you may have. - We Buy Houses | Sell My House Fast California

Meet the Sell Quick California Team

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At Sell Quick California We Guarantee A Great Home Selling Experience

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We guarantee a great experience from the start! If we are not the best SF Bay Area house-buying company for you and your family, I will tell you and direct you toward the right home-selling path.

We are a 5-star reviewed and BBB-accredited business. Our hassle-free way of selling your house can be the best method of selling a home, but you won’t know until you give us a call or submit your information here.

I am always available to answer your questions; even if you are not selling your home to us, call me at 1-866-497-8248 today!

About Sell Quick California

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Our owner Marc Afzal has been a California resident since 1986. Having been raised in the East Bay and attending school, Marc has moved around the state to Orange County, San Bernardino County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, and now Sacramento County. Being a resident in many areas has allowed Marc to establish relationships with other investors and Real Estate Professionals. Additionally, it has allowed him to know each market area well. 

Marc attended high school in the East Bay in Fremont, California. Soon attending San Jose State University. Marc has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. While attending College, Marc was able to pursue a career in Mortgage lending and became a licensed Real Estate Agent as well. A couple of years later, Marc then went on to become a Real Estate Broker. 

Having a Broker’s license has allowed Marc to work with many homeowners. Advising on buying, selling, and financing their homes. With over 100 transactions throughout the years, Marc fully understands how unique each circumstance and situation can be to every homeowner. Many homeowners have no idea what direction they should go with their number one asset, their home. Some homeowners never felt comfortable with strangers in their homes. Some disliked paying Real Estate commissions, while others understood it was part of the deal when it came to selling their home. Over the years, Marc kept interacting with homeowners who just wanted to sell directly to a buyer and not deal with open houses, commissions, inspections, repairs, cleaning, and requests from home buyers contracted to buy their property. 

This is where Sell Quick California was born, to provide another option to home sellers as we buy houses for cash In California business. The option to sell fast and within their time frame without the hassles involved in a traditional sale. 

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