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How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash? 

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Hi there, I am Marc, the owner of Sell Quick California. I will be your guide, walking you through the entire process of getting your no-obligation-to-accept, all-cash offer started. If you are asking to” Sell My House Fast For Cash..” Well, we definitely can help buy your home.

Don’t worry; it is all free without any cost involved and without obligation to accept any offer we make to you. If you rather talk to a live person, feel free to call us at my directly at 1-866-497-8248.

Cash Offer For Your California House In 24 Hours!

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Sell Your California Home In 3 Easy Steps!  

Fill Out Our Form


Fill in our quick and easy form and you’re all set! No hassle and free of charge!

We Contact You


We schedule a call, see the home, and calculate our highest offer.

You Get Your Cash Fast!


We close quickly and you get paid! Don’t wait 6 months to sell your home!

Selling Your House With Sell Quick California

1. How soon you want to sell? Now, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, etc.

2. Current condition of your home.

3. How long you’ve owned the property.

4. Why you need to sell.

Our cash offers are not autogenerated which means each cash offer is uniquely researched with a thorough understanding of the property. Don’t get tricked into bait and switch practices of auto generated offers, they simply reel you in and only dissapoint you with a decreased offer amount. They also charge fees and more expenses.

We would never be able to buy any homes if we made low-ball offers. It is in our interest to provide the most competitive offer to all our home sellers for that reason. Our entire business is based on buying homes if we cant make fair offers then we would simply not be able to buy any home.

Ready To Sell Your Home Fast For Cash In California?

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So You Still Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash In California

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Sell Your House The Easy Way

We promise to never force a decision on you. All of our offers are obligation-free and we guide you through our entire process! Your experience means a lot to us. After all, our company is built on loyalty, trust, and integrity! If we feel like we are not the best fit to buy your home, we will let you know!

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How We Calculate The Highest Cash Offer Possible!

1: We Check The Home’s After Repair Value

After Repair Value (ARV): or “ARV” is the value of the home once we buy, renovate, and resell the property to another homebuyer. In simple terms, the ARV is what the house would be worth once it is in tip-top shape. Based on the value, we calculate your offer!

2: We Calculate The Cost Of Repairs

Cost Of RepairsThis is how much it will cost us to fix the home and make it look brand new or remodeled. Once we review your home’s condition, we calculate the cost of repairs based on the damage it may have, essential renovations, and remodeling costs.

3: We Review & Calculate Our Selling Costs

Our Selling Costs: This is the amount it is going to cost us to resale the home and list it on the market once it is fully restored. This means we are responsible for paying agent fees, closing costs, and more. Luckily, you avoid paying all these costs when selling to Sell Quick California! Our Selling Costs total 10% of the selling price.

4: We Include Our Minimum Profit

Return On Investment This is the ROI, we subtract a minimum profit to pay our personal expenses. Our profit is used to pay our personal bills as well as keep our business running. However, we make the highest offer possible because we want to give you an offer you ACCEPT! In conclusion, our process provides a win-win solution for everyone!

The Sell Quick California Simple Cash Offer Formula

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Simple Terms: The market value of your home (after we update it) minus the costs to repair it and our profit equals Your Offer!

Our Calculation = $300K $40K $30K $40K= $190,000

[YOUR CASH OFFER] = $190,000!

In conclusion, our maximum cash offer for this example property would be $190,000. However, all properties are unique and can have very different numbers. The offer we make heavily depends on the home’s area, the costs of the repairs, and other key factors. Depending on your home, we may be able to give you more or less than the example above.

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Sell Your House As Simple As These 3 Selling Stages

Our Contract To Closing Process

We Take Care Of Everything! Just Fill Out Our Form And Go!

We handle the entire agreement to the closing process. This means once you sign our agreement, we handle everything else afterward. Including sending the agreement document to the title company. Our process is smooth (and free), so you have nothing to worry about!

Offer Accepted

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You accepted our offer! Thank you for trusting us. We will handle the closing process from here.

Title Company

How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash offer-to-close-on-cash-offer
We send the agreement to our local title company. We handle all the paperwork. It’s that easy!

Closing To Cash

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We close on the day of your choice and you get your check in your hand! See, fast and simple!

Find The Best Way To Sell Your Home Quickly

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We Buy Houses In California With Cash! Therefore, making your home selling process super easy and FAST! Receive your cash offer today, avoid working with agents, and avoid waiting 3-6 months to close! Once you accept our cash offer, we close at a Title Company on the day of your choice, and you get cash in hand in as little as 14 days. It’s that easy!” – Marc Afzal (CEO)

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