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If you have missed several mortgage payments in the past, then you are in danger of losing your house due to foreclosure. Before the bank seizes your property, it is important that you know how to avoid foreclosure so that you can still continue living in the beautiful city of Piedmont.

What you can do is to find out how you can “sell my house fast” so that you can generate cash to pay off your debts and move to another house. Don’t worry about moving around Piedmont as there are many great properties where you can start with a clean slate.

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Piedmont is a small residential semi-suburban city in Alameda County that is home to more than 10,667 people. If you already in this place, then there is no better place to raise a family or start with a clean slate. However, the foreclosure rate in this city is high and if you fear losing your home, then this article will help you how you can avoid foreclosure and save your home.

A Quiet City with Suburban Appeal

The city has a laid-back atmosphere thus making it a great place to start a family or raise children. Most of the city is zoned for residential use and it has minimal commerce compared to other similar cities. As such, shops, restaurants and other places of interests are only restricted to certain areas. But this does not mean that the city does not have anything to offer to people.

The city borders the historic residential districts of Oakland thus giving the city an appealing and romantic appeal. Even downtown Piedmont displays such charm as the historic Oakland Avenue runs through it. Nearby is the Piedmont Avenue that is considered as the shopping district of the city. The most popular place to shopping place, Mulberry’s Market, is located in the center of the city. It is a great place not only to get groceries but also to get coffee and talk with the locals. Other important landmarks are located within downtown Piedmont and these include the Recreation Center, Center for the Arts, and Aquatics Center.

Downtown Piedmont is where many restaurants are located thus dining out is very easy because you don’t need to go to different places to try out the local cuisine. Exceptional restaurants to try in Piedmont include the Pasta Pelican Restaurant, The Star on Grand, Homeskillet Alameda, and East Ocean Seafood Restaurant.

What makes the city special is that it has many parks that do not only have facilities for children but are also pet-friendly. These parks include the Linda Ave Tot Lot and Dog Run, Dracena Park, Kennelly Skate Park, Crocker Park, and Piedmont Sports Field to name a few. The city also celebrates the annual Piedmont Harvest Festival held every 24th of September where local people get together and do many fun activities such as free food-tasting, liver concerts from local bands, and food contests.

The peaceful and calm atmosphere that the city provides is responsible for shaping many great minds and talented souls. In fact, the city is home to many notable people including Golden Globe-winning film director Mark Andrews, author Richard Carlson, and businessman George Zimmer.

Piedmont, California By Sam Pullara via CC BY 2.0