how to sell a hoard house in California

How To Sell A Hoarder House In California

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Hoarder House In California : What It Is, How It Works  

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How To Sell A Hoarder House In California , What To Do?  

How To Sell A Hoarder House In California

how to sell a hoarder house in California

A hoarder’s house has amassed excessive objects and materials, often overrun by the owner or tenant’s personal belongings. This kind of overrun can negatively affect a home’s property value. But don’t be disheartened; you can still sell a hoarder house in California.

The overrun of personal items usually includes most things with no monetary value and simply cluttering the living space. Often this can get so bad that more room must be available to walk through the home. This can cause health hazards for those living in the house and, in some extreme cases, for persons in the neighborhood.

Hoarding is a mental illness, and it is always challenging for hoarders to get rid of their possessions. They often have powerful emotional attachments to their items, and parting with them can cause extreme stress. However, once we can get over the extension to the possessions, we are in an excellent place to sell hoarder homes.

Questions and Answers

  1. How to Sell a Hoarder’s Home?

  2. Can I Sell My House To Cash Home Buyers?

  3.  Can I Sell My House To Real Estate Investors?

  4. Can I Sell My House To Local Home-Buying Companies?

  5. Should I Work With Local Real Estate Agents Specializing in Selling Hoarder Houses?

  6. Can You Condemn a Hoarders House?

  7. How Do You Get Rid of a Hoarder’s House?

  8. Can You Get a Mortgage on a Hoarder House?

  9. What Laws are Hoarders Breaking?

  10. Do You Fix Up or Sell a Hoarder House?

  11. How Long Does it Take to Clear a Hoarder’s House?

  12.  What is the Fastest Way to Clean a Hoarder’s House?

  13. How Much Does it Cost to Declutter a Hoarder’s House?

  14. How to Sell a Hoarder House – What’s My Best Option?

  15. How to Sell a Hoarder House in California?

1: How To Sell a Hoarder’s Home?

It is rare for a hoarder house to sell on the real estate market as is. Therefore, you are less likely to find a regular buyer who will purchase this house. However, even if you do, you will have the task of cleaning out the house so you can sell the home. This can require renting a dumpster, and you may need multiple dumpsters depending on how many items are in the home to dispose of.

If you can’t sell to a regular buyer, you may wonder where to find potential buyers for your hoarder home sale.

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2: Can I Sell My House To Cash Home Buyers?

Cash home buyers will purchase a house in as-is condition, including hoarder homes. This means you don’t have to do any cleaning or repairs before you sell your house. Instead, these buyers typically look for a fixer-upper they can flip and profit off.

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3:  Can I Sell My House To Real Estate Investors?

Real estate investors will purchase properties that are distressed such as hoarder houses. They have the capital to deal with rotten walls or any other type of structural repair that a home may need. They also have the money to complete large-scale cleanup or even full-on demolishing and rebuilding a home.

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4: Can I Sell My House To Local Home-Buying Companies?

These companies are professional businesses that purchase houses in bad condition so they can fix them and resell them for a profit. Home-buying companies would be interested in homes that are fire hazards, those full of hoarded items, and those with structural problems. A hoarder’s house could have all of the above. You could even find a local company like us that will buy your house fast, so you don’t have to worry about repairs or pay realtor commissions.

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5: Should I Work With Local Real Estate Agents Specializing in Selling Hoarder Houses?

You may also have the option to list your house on a real estate website with an agent. This will give your house a lot of exposure and increase your chances of getting someone to buy your home fast.

The downside is that only some licensed real estate agents specialize in hoarded homes. Many regular agents need to become more familiar with the unique challenges that a hoarder home presents. They may also need to learn how to place the house in front of the correct potential buyers.

When you sell your house with a real estate agent, there is also the fact that the sale process may drag on for weeks and even months. Since buyers won’t be able to get a loan for a hoarder’s house, it can be even harder to find a potential buyer since you will need a cash buyer. Even after finding a cash buyer, your sale could still fall through. So in the grand scheme, a real estate agent may not be the right choice.

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6: Can You Condemn A Hoarder’s House?

It is indeed possible for the local health board to condemn a hoarder’s house if the conditions within the home get bad enough.

Hoarders often live in conditions that pose a risk to them and their family members who reside in the home with them. For example, hoarders usually have multiple flammable items on their property, and a hoarder’s house is often a fire hazard.

The clutter everywhere can cause tripping hazards for persons living in the home, and clutter can also block exits and entryways, creating difficulty if residents must leave the house in an emergency.

Unsanitary conditions brought on by rotting food can attract cockroaches, flies, and rodents.

When a hoarder’s home conditions deteriorate sufficiently, the local health department can condemn the house. Garbage and other debris may affect not only the residents’ health but also the health of the neighbors and the entire community. Community members are within their rights to contact the housing authority for any violations they notice or think may be present. People in the community may label the owner or resident as a bad neighbor. They can be correct, as a hoarder can put the property values in the neighborhood at risk.

When the living conditions in a hoarder house deteriorate, it can become dangerous for the persons living within the home. Since a hoarder house can cause pest infestations and mold growth and can have structural damage or be a fire hazard, such a home can become condemned.

Outside of health and safety concerns, hoarding can significantly reduce the property value of the building. Because hoarders don’t typically maintain their properties, they often violate multiple housing codes. With all the clutter in the way, it can be impossible for technicians to perform maintenance tasks. Sewage backup and flooding are just two of the consequences that can arise from this.

Suppose there is a rodent infestation. There can be structural damage where they tear holes in walls, internal damage structures, or breakthrough ductwork. Once mold starts to form, it can increase and cause health problems while also causing structural problems to various housing materials.

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7:  How Do You Get Rid of a Hoarder’s House?

If your neighbor seems like a hoarder, you may be concerned about its impact on you, the community, and the value of your property. You may also be worried about the safety of your neighbor and their family.

Try to always react with compassion, as hoarding is a mental condition. This is not a controllable choice on your neighbor’s part, while it may be appalling to you. But, of course, you have a right to be concerned for your safety and that of your neighborhood. After all, the accumulation of trash can attract animals, create hygiene and public health violations, and be a fire hazard. The issues stated here can all affect the neighborhood as a whole.

Instead of approaching your neighbor, we recommend seeking assistance from your state or local government. This is especially so if your neighbor lives alone and doesn’t have family members checking in on them. In addition, the city may have social welfare workers who will work off of anonymous tips and try to evaluate the situation by sending over investigators and speaking with the individual residing in the house.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to intervene. However, ensure that your intervention is driven by compassion and is done via the appropriate channels. While you don’t want your property value to go down, you should also enjoy your neighbor getting the help they need to be better off.

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8: Can You Get a Mortgage on a Hoarder House?

Hoarder houses are excellent opportunities for real estate investors. However, these types of houses often need to be understood. When working with these houses, one can get a mortgage only if the house is cleaned and professionally organized.

Depending on how much of a makeover your hoarder house may need, you can find it challenging to get financing for such a house. The bank will be hesitant to finance if they are having difficulty calculating the fair market value for a hoarder house.

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9: What Laws are Hoarders Breaking?

While hoarding is a mental illness, in California, hoarders can have criminal charges brought against them. When hoarding starts to affect neighbors, it becomes a criminal offense. More specifically, a hoarder can be charged with a “public nuisance” charge. 

How to Sell a Hoarder House

California Penal Code 372 and 373a PC indicates the following is a crime: 

  • Wilfully failed to perform a legal duty to remove a public nuisance
  • Maintain or commit a “public nuisance.”
  • Maintain, permit, or allow the existence of a general problem on your existing property. 

What is the definition of a “public nuisance”? Anything indecent, offensive, harmful to health, or obstructs property use is considered a public nuisance. Also, anything that interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of property or life for many persons, a community, or a neighborhood.  

Suppose a hoarder’s property has boxes, garbage, objects, furniture, or other visible hazards sprinkled across it. In that case, their property can be deemed a public nuisance. In addition, if there are odors or other unsanitary conditions created by hoarding which are offensive to the senses, anyone in the vicinity that must endure this can bring public nuisance charges against the property owner. 

Public nuisance charges are considered a misdemeanor under the Penal Code 372 or 373a. If the owner is convicted, the following penalties may be levied upon them. 

  • Misdemeanor probation 
  • Up to six months in county jail 
  • Misdemeanor fine up to $1,000 plus an additional $200 fine

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10:  Do You Fix Up or Sell a Hoarder House?

You can do either. Hoarder houses are often filled with clutter and in an overall state of disrepair. Selling a home as is, is the easier choice when it comes to a hoarder house. Unfortunately, this leaves the responsibility of the cleanup to someone else. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to fix up a hoarder house or sell it as is. 

A hoarder house can be challenging to sell. The property’s condition may put off a prospective buyer. Also, the house needs significant repairs. In that case, a buyer may want to avoid purchasing since the cost of fixing could outweigh the sale price. 

Whether you sell as is or fix up, the property depends on several factors. These include:

  • State of the property
  • Market Value of hoarder houses in the area

We can help you determine if you should sell it as is or try to fix up the house. We can buy your hoarder property and spare you the hard work and finances involved in cleaning up a hoarder property. 

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11:  How Long Does it Take to Clear a Hoarder’s House?

How long it takes to clear a hoarder’s house depends on the extent of the clutter and debris. In some small-scale cleanups, the clearing could take a day. In other, more extreme cases, clearing everything out of a hoarder’s house could take up to a week. Finally, there are some cases where it could take several weeks to get it all done. The most significant determining factor in how long the cleanup takes is how much stuff needs to be cleared out of the home.

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12:  What is the Fastest Way to Clean a Hoarder’s House?

  • Make a Plan 

Hoarders need help: how they let their houses get like this. Dealing with the hoarder is the trickiest part of the process; getting rid of the junk is more straightforward than actually dealing with the hoarder. So if the hoarder is away when the cleaning is taking place, then it’s faster you will e able to clean out the house. 

When the above isn’t possible, you will have to work with them to decide what to declutter and clean. This is going to be the most time-consuming and the most challenging part of the process. 

Make a plan with the hoarder and act on it with their approval. It would be best to balance knowing they want to keep everything anyway.  

  • Create Designated Storage Areas 

Working through a hoarder house, you will be challenged with a need for more space. So you need to have some amount of organization right from the get-go. You will need an area for junk, a place for items going to recycling, and a space for things going to charity, to name a few. Also, ensure that items given to charities are not contaminated. Items contaminated with animal feces or extreme grime must be sorted and stored appropriately for disposal. 

  • Start with Walkways and Hallways 

Starting this way ensures you have space to move around and to move items around to get to their designated storage areas. For example, hoarders will have garbage and all kinds of things on the floor, piling up, so there is nowhere to move around. Clearing those areas first allows you to remove the rest of the house. 

  • One Room at a Time 

Once you have cleared walkways and hallways, you should start working room by room. Choose rooms that are the easiest to access, to begin with. They may be a quicker job, and this can motivate you to keep going. Remember to take the different items to their designated storage areas so you can clear out the room while also organizing where everything will go simultaneously. 

Your keep pile is likely very high if the hoarder works alongside you. You may need to review that pile again and give them the rules. For example, to throw out anything they last used in the past year. You may also need to create an area for “not sure” items and then go back to sort through these at a later time or date. You can also restrict the number of things they can keep per room. 

  • Now It’s Time to Clean 

Once you are done with one room, it is time to clean it. With everything out of the room, it should be easier to clean. Now you can deep clean and disinfect every surface of the room. Save time trying to clean some things that are not salvageable. And remember to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from contaminants or harsh cleaning agents. 

  • Repeat the sort and organize process for each room, followed by cleaning as indicated above, until you thoroughly clean the entire house. 

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13:  How Much Does it Cost to Declutter a Hoarder’s House?

The average cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house is between $50 and $75 per cubic yard, plus an additional labor cost of $50 to $125 per hour. Then there is the cost for cleaning and disinfecting of $.75 to $2.5 per square foot.

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14:  How to Sell a Hoarder House – What’s My Best Option?

You aren’t required to sell your house through a real estate agent in California. You won’t have to list your home in an MLS, and you won’t have to have professional photos taken. When you sell your hoarder home to us, we buy directly from you in cash. This is the best option for you. When you choose us, so many of your concerns are eliminated.

We are professionals that understand a hoarder house. We don’t condemn or judge you based on the condition of your home, and we already know your house will need significant updates and upgrades.

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15:  How to Sell a Hoarder House in California?

Contact us if you have a hoarder house for sale in California. We are direct home buyers and can help you quickly get rid of that property. We are ready to buy your home with no difficulty understanding the paperwork and no expensive fees. We can get it all done sometimes in as little as seven days, and our team handles the entire process. When you choose us, you don’t have to clean out your home, nor do you have to update or repair anything.

There are no closing costs, real estate commissions, or fees. So while you may feel your options are limited when selling a hoarder’s house, you still have the opportunity to work with a direct cash buyer.

Selling your house on the California real estate market can be a hassle. Still, we take away the hassle, and there is no obligation to sell. Contact us today, and we will be happy to make you an offer. Then you are free to choose the best choice for you and your family. It can be hard to decide to sell a home, especially one in the family, for decades.

If you decide to clean your house before selling, you can have someone take photos of the property when it looks its best. If you go this route, you can even list your home with a real estate agent to see how you would fare on the regular housing market.

But, of course, you will have to invest time and money into clearing your home before you attempt to sell. Be sure to remove valuables from your home and sell these where possible to help you to ease some of the financial strain. If you are still attached to your home, listing it on the traditional real estate market could give you some time to get comfortable with the thought of giving it up for sale.

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