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Welcome to Pittsburg, CA

Worried about the condition of your home and its effect when you sell your house as is? then you need the right commercial house buyer that can provide you with the best deal for your house no matter the condition. But for the city's visitors, just what makes Pittsburg stand out?

Pittsburg is a city located in Contra Costa County in California. With 70,000 estimated residents, the city is an industrial suburb located in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay and is one of the most diverse suburbs in California.

It has a community college and plenty of elementary schools. More residents here own their homes rather than renting one making it more likely that a visitor can own one too.

Pittsburg, Contra Costa County's Sleeping Giant

Photo by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku at Flikr

The city is a sleeping giant soon to rise, with its steadily improving educational facilities and systems, it continues to thrive as one of the best suburbs for young professionals in California. The city is also making efforts to promote its commercial potential to attract more businesses.  This makes this city more attractive if you're planning to buy houses for cash in Pittsburg.

The Pittsburg community is heavily diverse, ranking as the top 9 most diverse suburb in California. Other than its industrial-suburban feel, the city also has parks for outdoor activities and recreation. A huge long-term potential here for visitors looking for commercial real estate to start a small business - and one of the most famous attractions of Pittsburg - is its annual Seafood Festival.

But if your in a situation that leaves you no choice but to sell your house fast in Pittsburg,  you can get a special offer from us and get the best cash deal for your house.

For visitors planning to move in, here are the list of expectations you would be experiencing in this fast growing city.

What to Expect

  • Employment and Education
  • Outdoors and Recreation
  • Events and Festivals

Employment and Education

Back in the 1930’s up until the 1950’s, Columbia Steel, a subsidiary of U.S. Steel Company, has employed 5,200 employees during its peak.

The city continues to thrive in its industrial and educational sector, with the city’s top employers for its residents being Pittsburg Unified School District, USS-POSCO Industries, Los Medanos College, and Dow Chemical Company.

In 1974, the construction of Los Medanos College was completed, and since then, Pittsburg continues to be focused, strengthening and improving on education. 

To date it has 2 public high schools, one a continuation school, 3 junior high schools, 8 elementary schools, 3 private schools and a public library.

The city is also buzzing with redevelopment projects like the opening of The Railroad Book Depot which is operated by the Arts & Community Foundation. Along the Pittsburg waterfront is an ongoing development of a new Marina and many more aimed to add more commercial infrastructure.

Photo by Clotee Pridgen Allochuku at Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5

Outdoors and Recreation

The city also hosts an incredible outdoor recreation. Most notably in the Marina, it gives its residents and visitors access to fishing, water activities and maybe a nice barbecue lunch on the side.

Pittsburg also has a golf course, the Pittsburg Delta View Golf as well as their own professional baseball team named The Pittsburg Diamonds.

Parks like the City Park Field #1 are scattered throughout the city that is well-  maintained along with hiking trails like Stoneman, Black Diamond Mines and an access to Mt. Diablo thru Kirker Pass completes an outdoors enthusiast wish list.


Photo by Bonmaxjoy at Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5

Events and Festivals

One of many things that marks Pittsburg on the map is its annual Seafood Festival which doubles as a Music Festival every September.

The festival hosts a wide array of activities that is perfect for any visitor or for its own residents like an air show, musical performances, powerboat races and a lot more.

It also hosts the California Cuisine Pavilion which displays the talents of local chefs from all over Contra Costa County.

This includes cooking competitions which showcase a mouthwatering seafood cuisine extravaganza and sampling the best seafood in the local market to mention a few.

With this blend of history, industrial progress, educational prowess and well-known yearly event, this makes Pittsburg a perfect destination for visitors planning on acquiring quality education and landing a good job after while enjoying the festivities with its unique diverse community. 

As the city continues to grow, more opportunities lurk in the horizon especially its commercial potential.

Maybe you want to move in but still need to dispose of your current home to do it. 

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