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Sell Your House Fast, El Sobrante, CA

Sell Your House Fast, El Sobrante, CA

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El Sobrante is a city located in Contra Costa County, California. With 13,000 estimated residents, located in the East Bay is a town believed to be left out by its rapidly evolving neighbors.

From the faded sign indicating the entry point to the city to the common-sight of folks on horseback, it may be indeed a trip back in time from the modern comforts we came to know from the big cities. But every city has its charm, and this is what El Sobrante is about.

Change is good and it will definitely come running in El Sobrante. But while it takes its slow steady steps, it is important to enjoy the slow-pace rhythm the city offers its growing residents.

The Growing City of El Sobrante

Photo by Coro at Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA-3.0

The smallest of beginnings may be the start of something big. As the neighboring cities of El Sobrante roar with development, the city is taking its time savoring what its neighbors can’t offer anymore - time.

A city with a small community is a close community that looks after one another and helps each other, may it be farm work, which the city is abundant of, or bringing a van to bring tables for the school’s homecoming dance. One that epitomises this example of good will is the Sikh Center of the Bay Area located on the hills of the city.

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If you’re curious about what makes the city more interesting, here’s what to expect.

What to Expect

  • Sikh Temple
  • Environment
  • Education

Sikh Temple

One of the city’s most notable places that residents and out-of-town folks visit here is the Sikh Temple that lies on the hills with the amazing view of the valley below.

The place has been visited since 1965 and is the first Sikh Temple in the Bay Area.

Some residents love to offer prayers here before going to work or on special occasions, while visitors enjoy the scenery and the location.

They are also served with some free vegetarian meals that volunteers cook up as part of their faith called “Seva” or service.

The spot for the temple was chosen not only for the hills or valleys, which California offers extensively, but because of El Sobrante’s agricultural heritage.

Photo by Coro at Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA-3.0


El Sobrante may be considered a little left out of touch with the rapid development of its neighboring cities.

But sometimes it favors the city and one example is the Cloverfield Farm that gives residents living next to the farm a unique rural feel.

This is not the only farm in the area which results to the uncommon sight of folks on horseback or the attempt of roosters waking up nearby residents.

It is definitely a laidback town with a wonderful community that looks out for one another all the while just enjoying the slow-pace rhythm the city provides.

With farms in town, local restaurants enjoy local produce and meat coming from them that has customers storming in.


With change crawling its way to the thought-to-be left out city of El Sobrante, comes the city’s new and improved high school.

As the number of families in the city grows, so do the need for proper education, and the city has come to terms with its previously dismal graduation rate and revamped to accommodate the growing number of enrollees.

The De-Anza High School has drastically changed in the last decade and has changed for the better. The number of students has doubled and is becoming well known in the area.

Other schools in the city include Juan Crespi Middle School, the Catalyst Academy and Sheldon Elementary School. Teachers and faculties are not the only one to commend here, the community plays its part as well to make sure that quality education is top priority in the city.

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