Selling Your California Rental? A Step-by-Step Guide for Landlords

Managing and owning multi-family units, or even a single-family home as a rental, can incur significant expenses. This is particularly true if your property is situated in an expensive California county, such as Orange or Sacramento. The financial strain is only part of the equation—your time and energy are also at stake. For landlords in California, the prospect of Selling Your California Rental presents its own set of challenges.

Attempting to sell a property that currently houses tenants can complicate matters further. However, as a landlord looking to move on, you have several strategies at your disposal for selling a rental property or house when you’re ready to exit the landlord business. Deciding which path to take depends on your need for a streamlined sale process.

Sell Quick California offers solutions tailored to landlords who find themselves in this exact situation. Whether you’re seeking a quick sale or navigating the complexities of selling a tenant-occupied property, Sell Quick California provides the expertise and options to facilitate a smoother transition out of property ownership.

Selling a Rental Property in California Guide

Navigating the sale of a rental property in California can be a streamlined and straightforward experience, avoiding the entanglement of excessive paperwork and details. If you decide to sell the property within a year of purchase, be aware that you might face higher taxes, yet there are strategies to lessen your tax burden.

Engaging with a real estate investment firm that specializes in purchasing properties directly, handling all the nuances, and assisting in mitigating tax implications can be a wise move.

Wondering How to Quickly Sell Your Rental Property?

If you’re contemplating the sale of your rental property or have already decided to proceed, you might be unsure of how to start. However, you can be confident that support is readily available.

At Sell Quick California, we are seasoned real estate investors with a foundation in simplifying sales. We eliminate the complexities of selling your investment property and are ready to guide you through each phase of the sale. Our focus is on enhancing your investment returns, minimizing your tax impacts, and eliminating the burdens and costs associated with traditional listings, which often extend over a lengthy period.

Selling Your California Rental

How to Sell Investment Property

Selling to Your Current Tenants

If you’ve built a relationship of trust and respect with the tenants in your rental property, offering to sell directly to them could be a beneficial route. This approach not only simplifies the selling process but also negates the need for a real estate agent. It’s important to remember that your renters have significant legal rights, and any attempt to evict without just cause could result in legal complications.

Selling to a Home Buyer

Another strategy to consider is selling your California rental property to someone seeking a primary residence instead of a rental. This typically involves enlisting a real estate agent to safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth transaction. While bypassing an agent might seem appealing, property owners generally achieve higher profits when they collaborate with real estate professionals.

Selling to an Investor

For a swift and efficient sale, consider selling your rental property to a real estate investor like Sell Quick California. As direct buyers familiar with the California real estate landscape, we simplify the process, allowing you to forgo the costs and delays associated with real estate agents, thereby speeding up the sale.

If You Are Selling with Tenants

Selling a property that currently houses tenants with a lease presents limited options: you might wait for the lease to expire or negotiate a buyout with your tenants.

In California, even month-to-month tenants are entitled to significant legal protections, including at least 60 days’ notice from property owners.

At Sell Quick California, we specialize in purchasing rental properties in California, including those with tenants. By entrusting us with the sale, we manage all aspects involved, including:

  • Notifying tenants about the sale
  • Handling lease terminations in accordance with California’s tenant-friendly laws
  • Coordinating showings with current tenants
  • Preparing the property for sale, including all necessary repairs and updates

If Your Rental Property Is Empty

An unoccupied rental property eliminates tenant-related issues but can strain your finances due to lost rental income. Selling quickly becomes even more critical without renters, and Sell Quick California is here to facilitate a fast and efficient sale, helping you move on without the burden of an empty property.

Taxes When Selling a Rental Property

When it’s time to sell your rental property in California, understanding the impact of taxes on the sale is crucial. The taxes on the sale of rental property in California encompass both long-term and short-term capital gains taxes, in addition to depreciation recapture tax. Let’s delve into the optimal timing for selling rental property.

Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property in California

The profit from the sale of your rental property incurs a capital gains tax, which varies depending on your income level and the duration of property ownership.

Profits from properties owned for less than a year are taxed at the same rate as your regular income, typically between 10% and 37%, known as short-term capital gains tax.

For properties owned longer than a year, the profits are subject to long-term capital gains tax, ranging from 0% to 20% based on your income and tax rate.

Here are the capital gains tax rates for a rental property in 2023:

  • Individuals earning up to $44,625 pay no capital gains tax.
  • Earnings between $44,626 and $492,300 incur a 15% capital gains tax.
  • Earnings above $492,300 are taxed at 20% for capital gains.

These rates are generally more favorable than those applied to regular income.

Selling a Rental Owned for Less Than a Year

For example, selling a rental bought six months prior for $500,000 at $600,000 results in a $100,000 profit, taxed at your income tax rate. For a single filer earning between $41,776 and $89,075, the income tax rate of 22% exceeds the highest capital gains rate.

Selling a Rental Owned for Over Two Years

If the same rental is sold after two years with the same profit, the capital gains tax for a single filer earning more than $44,625 would be 15%, offering significant tax savings compared to the short-term scenario. Single filers earning less than $44,625 would owe no capital gains tax.

Depreciation Recapture Tax on Rental Property in California

Additionally, there’s a depreciation recapture tax on the depreciation deduction taken on the property each year, which is recaptured by the federal government at a rate equivalent to your income tax when the property is sold.

For instance, if a rental property bought for $500,000 depreciates by $10,000 annually over five years, totaling $50,000 in depreciation, the IRS taxes this amount at the same rate as your income.

Understanding these tax implications is vital for anyone considering selling their rental property in California. Sell Quick California can guide you through the process, ensuring you make informed decisions about your sale.

How to Sell Rental Property

How to Sell Rental Property Without Paying Taxes

Although it’s challenging to sell your rental property without any tax implications, there are strategic ways to reduce your tax burden. For more detailed guidance, you might find our article on how to correctly report the sale of rental property useful.

Sell Your Rental Property to Us!

If you’re eager to sell your property swiftly and avoid the typical obstacles associated with such transactions, Sell Quick California is here to assist. We’re dedicated to facilitating a fast sale, minimizing your property taxes, and handling the complexities so you don’t have to worry.

As professional real estate investors, we assume the responsibilities and challenges that come with selling property. With our experience, resources, and commitment, we’re equipped to help you move past the sale of your rental property with ease.


Utilize a 1031 Exchange in California

The 1031 tax-deferred exchange provision allows California property owners to postpone paying capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes after selling their property. How does a 1031 exchange work in California? It permits you to delay these taxes if you reinvest in another like-kind property, under certain conditions:

  • You must invest in another investment property, which you plan to use as a rental or flip, following the sale of your current property.
  • This replacement property must be identified within 45 days of closing on your sold rental.
  • You need to complete the purchase of the replacement property within 180 days of your original property’s sale closing.

Following these 1031 exchange guidelines in California can help you defer both capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes until you decide to sell your new investment property.

Meet the Ownership and Use Criteria

If your rental property served as your primary residence for a portion of the time you owned it, you could be eligible for a capital gains tax deduction if you meet the ownership and use criteria. Specifically:

  • You should have owned the property for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The property must have been your primary residence for at least 2 out of the past 5 years.

Adhering to these strategies can significantly reduce the tax liabilities associated with selling your rental property in California.

Selling Your Rental Property Quickly with Sell Quick California

Wondering how to proceed with selling your rental property to Sell Quick California? Don’t hesitate to seek the assistance and direction you need. We’ve streamlined the selling process to ensure a swift and efficient transaction for those ready to sell their investment property. Follow these 4 straightforward steps for a hassle-free sale:

  1. Reach out to us by calling or filling out our brief online form to initiate your request for a fair cash offer.
  2. Expect a swift follow-up from us to discuss your property in more detail and arrange a one-time inspection. This step enables us to present you with the best possible offer.
  3. During the inspection, our expert team will provide you with a fair cash offer. If it meets your expectations, your property is essentially sold!
  4. Select a closing date that works for you, and let us handle the rest. You have the option to receive payment via check or wire transfer, making the process as simple as possible.

At Sell Quick California, we aim to facilitate the sale of your rental property, ensuring a fast, efficient, and stress-free experience.

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About Marc Afzal

Marc Afzal is a full time Real Estate Investor and has well over 21+ years in the Real Estate Industry. Marc is a Licensed Broker, NMLS licensed Loan Officer. Marc is currently married to his wife Sheila and they live in Napa California. Marc is enthusiastic about Sports, Golf, Real Estate Investing, Family and Travel.

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