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Who We Help?

An unexpected relocation, financial hardship, or lifestyle change can throw a wrench in your homeownership plans. With SellQuickCalifornia, you can avoid the costs, delays, and headaches of a traditional real estate transaction. We will give you an all-cash offer on your property, coordinate your move or relocation, and maintain your confidentiality. Here's who we are willing to help:

Are You In Any Of These Situations?

Probate and or Inherited A Property You Can't Keep?

Take some time to tell us about your unique situation and describe your needs and wants. We’ll ask a few questions to get the details. We can quickly help you with your inherited properties to sell your interest or your home altogether. We know your dealing with a lot so let our experience make this an easy process for you and your loved ones.

Facing Foreclosure?

Bills seem to pile up and make matters worse, we can help you get that Fresh Start you may need! Call us or submit your info to get started and receive a quick cash offer on your property.

Too Many Repairs?

Over the years properties can become too costly and repairs too much, if you feel like your time is better well spent on family, work and improving your life then possibly selling a troublesome property makes the most sense. 


Life isn't always perfect and can be unpredictable, its best sometimes to move on and get that fresh start you deserve. Divorce can be draining enough with all the meetings and arbitration, you can move on quickly from your property and save your self the hassle of dealing with a property in lingo fo a divorce. 

Bad Tenants, Vacant Home, or Tired of Being A Landlord?

Being a landlord can feel like a full time job. If your ready to move on and break the chains that is holding you back which could be your trouble some tenant or property we are here to help. Your vacant home can be a target for squatters and getting them out a vacant home will cost you more money, time and effort. 

Tax Defaults?

Taxes can pile up and bills can drain our energy. If you feel your property is becoming a bigger issue than you can handle than please reach out so that we may be able to help you avoid a tax sale and get you any equity that may be yours from your property.

Avoid Realtors and Traditional Sale

Selling through a Realtor can be costly with commissions, closing costs, disclosures etc. Sometimes its just not worth people walking through your life and belongings add in longer closing times, setbacks and dealing with buyers backing out, there is just simply better solutions for some.

Are We A Solution For You?

Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more. There’s no obligation to get more information or to find out what kinds of homes we buy.

Get My Cash Offer

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