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Union City, CA | Avoid Foreclosure

The Best Way to Avoid Foreclosure in Union City


Union City is located in Alameda County and was formed by combining the communities of New Haven, Decoto, and Alvarado. Today, the city is home to 75,000 residents and a very diverse population. Living in Union City is exciting and if you want to live in this city for a long time, then you need to learn how to avoid foreclosure. This article will give you possible solutions on how to avoid foreclosure.

A City That Has Everything

Union City is one of the most bustling cities in California. It is home to many companies that provide employment to its residents. Top employers of the city include Southern Wine & Spirits, Wal-Mart, Axygen Scientific Inc, Kaiser Permanente, and Blommer Chocolate Inc. Thus, the city provides a lot of opportunities to people who are looking not only for jobs but also a place where they can start raising their families.

Downtown Union City is not only crowded with commuters going to their work, but it is also frequented by many tourists who want to experience the local culinary and shopping scene in the city. In fact, locals love shopping as part of their past time in Union City. Great shopping places in this city include the Union Landing Shopping Center that is accessible via the Interstate 880. The shopping center is not only filled with shops but also theaters and arcades. Other places where you can shop include the El Mercado Plaza Shopping Center and Tuesday Morning.

Located still along downtown Union City are different restaurants and eateries. You can try different cuisines from Mexican to Asian thanks to the diverse population supported by the city. Experience great hospitality while dining in restaurants like the Mayflower Seafood Restaurant,  Tomatina, Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, and the Rose Garden Restaurant. The restaurants will give you a clear picture of how diversity can marry well to create a great vibe that is unique to Union City.

But Union City is not only about shopping and dining. In fact, there are other attractions that the city is known for and these include the Sugar Mill Landing Park and the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve where people can do activities like hiking, camping, or just marvel at the wonders of nature. The parks are located on the fringes of the city where nature and wildlife are abundant.

The diversity, natural features, and atmosphere in Union City are conducive to raising talented people. Thus, the city is home to many notable personalities from athletes, musicians, and entertainers. Notable people who consider Union City their home include Olympic swimmer Stephen Abas, actor Joey Bragg, and musician Raaginder.

Union City BART Station By LPS.1 via Wikimedia Commons

What to Do to Avoid Foreclosure in Union City

If you want to avoid foreclosure so that you can keep your property in Union City, then there are several things that you can do. One of the first things that you can do is to talk to your mortgage lender so that they can make adjustments on your loan or extend your payment period.

However, if you want to move out of your house and start over with a clean slate, you need to “sell my house fast.” When selling your house fast, you might think that the best solution is to sell on a short sale. The problem with a short sale is that even if you sell your house fast, you sell it cheap, so you will not have enough to get by.

Instead, you can seek help from professional house buyers such as SellQuickCalifornia to help you avoid foreclosure.

They can give cash for houses to homeowners who are desperate to get quick cash without reducing its value.

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