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Sell My House Quick, Oakley, CA

Sell My House Quick, Oakley, CA

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But for would-be home owners and visitors of Oakley, just what will you see here?

Oakley is a city located in Contra Costa County, California. With 40,000 estimated residents, it is located 55 miles east of San Francisco and 55 miles south of Sacramento, which makes the city sit in the center of the Bay Area.

The city has a great diverse community, a unique history and agriculture and affordable living as most residents here own their own homes rather than renting, visitors will more than likely own theirs as well.

Oakley, The Fine Wine of the West

Photo by LPS.1 at Wikimedia Commons, CC0-01

A land for agriculture, historic exploration and archeology, a bond and love of community, this is the city of Oakley, a city that takes its uniqueness to the heart of its residents and visitors.

Its lands are primed for agriculture since the 1800’s which hosts some of the oldest grapevines and vineyards in California making a wine lovers go-to destination with some planning to sell their homes just to move here.

Rich history follows Oakley, as its land is also a sight of early tribal community and early exploration. Combine all these with a good community and annual festivals and you will have a city worth living in for many generations to come.

To those who plan on moving out, we buy houses as is with the best cash offer despite its condition or location.

For soon-to-be home owners in the city, here are some of the things you would expect from Oakley.

What to Expect

  • Education and Festivals
  • Exploration
  • Agriculture

Education and Festivals

Despite the city’s rich historical background, its educational facilities and system are modern and well desired by its residents.  99% of children here attend a public or private school, with 7 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 1 high school and a Contra Costa County Library. Oakley is filled to the brim with educated masses.

A good school keeps the community acquainted, but community events and festivals keep them together. The annual “Heart of Oakley Festival” and “Taste of Oakley” showcase the city’s love of food, wine, entertainment and celebration of new businesses in the area making it a hub of wanna-be small time business owners.


An ace up in Oakley’s sleeve that keeps visitors coming is the love of exploration as archaeologists have discovered prehistoric sites in the area, the follow up to this finding is a storm of more than three-dozen more archaeological investigations which is now kept track by the Northwest Information Center of the California Historical Resources Information System.


The cream of the crop for this city is its agriculture, as the oldest and the rarest of grapevines are located here, making the city a wine lovers' paradise, another reason to visit but not to get dead drunk at the end of the day.

With a conservative estimate of 2,000 tons in harvest, which are distributed all over California and of course the local restaurants. This will have you begging for a glass after another, after another and another.

A wide variety of red wine grapes is planted in its 700 acres vineyards along with the Mourvèdre, and Carignane that makes up the Oakley’s ancient grapevines which ranges from 80 to 120 years old.

As a wine lover's heaven-on-earth, it is useless to resist a glass of rare wine. As an explorer or someone looking for an adventure, it is impossible not to find it here. As for the residents, they find no reason to move out. But for the visitors, they might want to move in.

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