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Lodi provides best of both worlds. It is a bustling city that has still kept its rural appeal thanks to the many vineyards that lie outside the city. It is no wonder why there are many people who are looking for properties in Lodi. If you want to move to this beautiful city but is suffering facing foreclosure, then you need to seek foreclosure help fast.

To avoid foreclosure, there are several ways for you to deal with the problem and these include negotiating with your debtors and asking for an extension on your mortgage payment. While these options allow you to keep your house, what if you want to completely move out of your house so that you can move to Lodi?

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Located in the northern portion of California’s Central Valley, Lodi is home to 62,134 residents. The city is characterized by cool wet winters and dry warm summer. Because of its mild climate, many consider Lodi as a haven and this is the reason why many people want to relocate to this city. The city is a great place to live in but if your finances are suffering and you need foreclosure help, then read on.

A Developed City with Rural Appeal

A bustling city with a peaceful rural appeal, Lodi is known for being the center of wine grape production in San Joaquin County. Although not as prestigious as the vineyards in Napa and Sonoma Counties, Lodi is respected for its Zinfandel variety. In fact, there are many vineyards that are open for tourists who do not only want to see lines of grape vines but also taste locally made wines.

As such, there are many events and festivals that are centered on grapes and wines. In fact, the Lodi Winegrape Commission was conceived to organize different events. Wine-related events and festivals that are held in Lodi include Zinfest, Wine and Chocolate Weekend, and the Taste of Lodi where locals and tourists can taste different flavors of wine and food locally made in Lodi. In September, the Lodi Grape Festival is held every September for everyone to enjoy. The festival does not only feature wine tasting but it also includes rides that children can enjoy.

Because Lodi is famous for its vineyards, it is also home to great restaurants in San Joaquin County. When in Lodi, you don’t need to go to fast food chains like KFC or McDonalds. Why would you when you can try homegrown restaurants. Examples of great restaurants in Lodi include Pietro’s Trattoria, Lodi Beer Company, and Habanero Hosts Restaurant. These restaurants serve eclectic dishes that will definitely pair well with Lodi’s best brews.

But more than organizing festivals that are wine-related, there is more to Lodi that meets the eye. Lodi is also home to any museums where people can learn about its wonderful past. Museums in Lodi include the Hill House Museum and the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum that is considered as the largest museum complex in the county. But aside from historical museums, there are also modern museums that children can enjoy such as the World of Wonders, which is a science museum that comes with interactive exhibits and classrooms.

But aside from visiting museums and shopping, Lodi is also an entertainment hub in San Joaquin County. To watch fun theater productions, the Changing Faces Theater Company holds weekly production, particularly during the summer months.

Lodi CA Arch by Randy Elliott via CC BY-SA 4.0