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We Buy Houses in Hayward: Tips on How to Buy Your Dream Home

Hayward is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a population of 149,392 thus making it the third largest city in Alameda County. It is located near Union City and Castro Valley thus making it very accessible among commuters If you want to get a fresh start in Hayward, you can sell your house to generate funds to pay for your new house. Let SellQuick California help you. We buy houses so that you can use the money to afford a new house in Hayward. Read on.

A Busy Commuter Haven

Hayward borders different communities and municipalities such as San Leandro, Pleasanton, and Fremont. The Hayward Fault Zone runs through the downtown area thus there is an increasing likelihood that a major earthquake can happen in the future. Although this may be the case, there is no point of fear-mongering while living in this city.

The city is still as alive and exciting as any city in California. The city is blessed with a warm Mediterranean climate that makes it great place to raise families or to start with a fresh new life. The large population in the city makes it a perfect place for companies a steady supply of labor and manpower. A large number of manufacturing companies are operating in the city and these include Impax Laboratories, Columbus Salame, Annabelle Candy, and Shasta.

Downtown Hayward is where you can experience what real Hayward is all about. There are so many landmarks in the city’s downtown area. Best places to visit in central Hayward include the Hayward Area Historical Society Museum that has been around for a long time. Other places that you can visit in downtown Hayward include the Cinema Place and the Buffalo Bill’s Brewery.

There are also many public art murals that are painted on downtown area that will add more excitement while touring around the city. In fact, the murals painted throughout the city won the Helen Putnam Award of Excellence in 2011.

If you go out of downtown Hayward, you will see a lot of historical landmarks in the city Hayward has two important historical sites that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and these include the Eden Congregational Church and Green Shutter Hotel. If you go further out to the fringes of the city, there are many parks that you can visit, and these include the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, the Hayward Regional Shoreline, and the Garin Regional Park.

While Hayward is popular for its historic sites and murals, it is also known for its festivals. The city is the setting of the annual Hayward Gay Prom, which is the earliest and longest-running gay promenades in the country.

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve By Mercurywoodrose CC BY-SA 3.0  

At SellQuick, We Buy Houses in Hayward

Starting anew in Hayward is not that hard. If you come from other states, it is important that you sell your current house so that you can generate money to fund for your transfer. But with traditionally selling your house through a real estate agent can be taxing and lengthy, your best course of action is to know how to exchange cash for houses.

At SellQuickCalifornia, we can help you “sell my house fast” so that you can generate enough money to fund your relocation in Hayward.

As a professional house buyer, we buy houses in California.

We are connected to a wide network of professional home buyers so that your home can be matched immediately to a buyer.

And since there is no real estate agent in the picture, you don’t pay commissions, so you get the entire amount of the sale all to yourself.

You will definitely get more to afford a better house once you move in the many communities in Hayward.

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