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Buy My House, Antioch, CA

Buy My House, Antioch, CA

If you’re looking for someone to buy your house, then better consider a company that does. A company that offers cash for houses with the best deals in the market and buy homes as is. If you’re a would-be visitor in Antioch, here is what to see.

Antioch is a city located in Contra Costa County, California. With 110,000 estimated residents, it is located along the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta and in the East Bay of the San Francsco Bay Area. The city the second largest city in the county and one of the most diverse places to live in California.

With a large city, it hosts all kinds of shops, stores, and restaurants that residents come to enjoy as well as a variety of recreation to choose from. Buying a house in this city is best if bought with cash as it brings out the best deal or discount for the property. Which is why selling your house for cash when moving to Antioch is reasonable and getting the best cash offer from a commercial home buyer can get you more than what you thought you can get.

The Family Friendly City of Antioch

Photo by Sanfranman59 at Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5

The city’s large community generates a huge work force and a work force that requires recreation after a long week's work. Antioch boasts a wide variety of it, from parks to water activities to skate parks, the locals and visitors will never run out of places to choose from.

Arts and culture is also well loved by its community with plenty of historical places, galleries, and an art center that hosts a mix of concerts, live events, lectures, seminars and a lot more. The locals never need to look far for quality schools as Antioch possesses one of the best in the county with one even having its own planetarium.

Inspite what Antioch offers, a new job or promotion may lead you to move out of the city. Looking for a home buyer to sell your house for cash may take too long if you do it on your own. Have companies that buy houses for cash to make your moving process even quicker. We buy houses fast and we provide you with the best offer.

For the visitors looking to buy a home here or just want to have a look around, here is what to expect.

What to Expect

  • Recreation
  • History and the Arts
  • Education


Antioch has a lot to offer in terms of recreation. For visitors and residents looking for a picnic or just take a casual walk in the park, with about 310 acres of park land and 31 parks available in this city you will never run out of outdoor activities.

If you're more into the extreme or just love the feeling of being on wheels or on ice, try the Antioch Skatepark which is a city-built skate park for skateboards and roller blades and the Paradise Skate, an indoor ice-skating rink.

If something a little slow pace is more your style, try Antioch’s 72 par golf course with 6,481 walkable space that comes with its own restaurant and event places, The Lone Tree Golf Course and Event Center.

If parks, golf course, skate parks and an ice rink not enough, then how about something close to the water.

One of the most beloved of its residents is the Antioch Waterpark that showcases a variety of slides and pools that is promised to be enjoyed by the entire family. The city also has a municipal marina that has a private marina, yacht clubs and boatyards as well as a fishing pier where locals love to fish and relax.

Fishing is also available in the San Joaquin River along the Antioch/Oakley Shoreline located upstream from the Antioch Bridge also known as Nejedly Bridge.

History and the Arts

Antioch is also rich in arts and culture as it boasts of 4 historic places or buildings included in the National Register of Historical Places.

These are the Black Diamond Mines, Roswell Butler Hard House, Shannon-Williamson Ranch and the Riverview Union High School Building.

Another place that the locals and visitors enjoy is Antioch’s El Campanil Theatre which hosts a variety of live theatre, concerts, dances, ballet, comedy and classic films.

The city also hosts and organizes lectures, seminars, and many more educational outputs dedicated to graphic arts, sculpturing, pottery, and performance arts that are organized by the Arts and Culture Foundation of Antioch.

The city also includes an art gallery and art center that allows the local artist to showcase their work to the public and conduct art classes.


The city is equipped with an amazing array of quality schools which includes the Deer Valley High School that harbors the ESPACE Academy that has its own planetarium.

The locals and would-be home owners planning to move here have an option to choose from 3 high schools, 4 middle schools, 4 private schools, and 7 primary schools.

It also has the Western Career College and a public library. There is also no shortage of employment here as its top employers include Kaiser Permanente, Antioch Unified School District, Sutter Delta Medical Center and Contra Costa County Social Services.

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