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Sell Your Home FAST

Here's How it Works

Need to sell your home quickly? Have you found yourself in a financial situation where you need to sell your home or get cash quickly? Then it's time to contact Sell Quick California. We'll buy your home for cash. Here's how the process works.

5 Steps to Selling Us Your Home

step 1 to selling your home fast

We Sit Down for a Consultation

Take some time to tell us about your unique situation and describe your needs and wants. We’ll ask a few questions to get the details.

step two to selling your home fast

We Value Your Home

Give us some details about your home and property. We’ll do some reporting and gather some data to provide you with an accurate home analysis.

step three to selling your home fast for cash

We make an offer

Based on our evaluation of your home, most of the time, we’ll make you a cash offer. Depending on your unique needs and situation, we may recommend other creative solutions.

step four to selling your home fast for cash

You Decide

Based on the information we’ve given you, the offer you receive from us, and what you know about your home, you decide whether our solutions will work for you.

step 5 to selling your home fast for cash

We Close Together

No hidden fees or costs. We’ll arrange a cash transaction and help you take care of the paperwork.

Want to Get More Details on How it Works?

Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more. There’s no obligation to get more information or to find out what kinds of homes we buy.