Marijuana Grow House

Help I need to sell my rental house fast due to a Marijuana Grow House!!We Buy Houses In California! No matter the condition and we can close fast! A reputable company that has helped hundreds of homeowners with their Real Estate. If you are looking to relocate for work, family or any other reason we may be the best solution. We work on your timeline and offer the best cash offer possible. With great flexibility and no commissions, fees, or costs, your relocation can be much more easier. 

grow-houseMarijuana grow houses can do a lot of damage to the interior of a home, from physical damage, layout changes, water damage and more! When you rent out your property to a tenant thinking they may be moving in with their family to only find out they are or have used it as an illegal grow operation it can be devastating. The first thing you can do if you realize your tenant occupied home is being used as an illegal grow operation is to provide a notice to quit immediately to the tenant. Next steps are to consult a lawyer on the best next steps as each situation can differ.

Not only can it make you feel concerned about the repercussions on a legal aspect with the city, county and any future owners whom have to be disclosed but also the amount of damage that is caused to the home.

This picture on the left is from an illegal indoor grow house in San Bernardino County in which the tenants occupied the home, we bought this home fast within 7 days and were able to bring back the home to excellent shape.


Criminal Damage To Property By Tenant

Marijuana grow houses are typically always illegal and can cause a lot of damage to a tenant occupied property. Unless they go through the right measures to make sure where they are growing and the  property owners are aware of their operation. If they do not follow the right measures they can be in a situation where there is criminal damage to property by tenant.

San Bernardino County Grow House

There were three homes we recently acquired by buying a home quickly that were all in San Bernardino county. The seller called us and stated ” I need to sell my house fast in San Bernardino” and we assed his property via pictures and video and were astonished by the amount of damage the home had occurred while the marijuana grow op was in place. The owner lived in New York and never checked on the tenant as they paid on time. “They were great tenants” he said, “They always paid on time, never complained. Once their illegal grow operation was uncovered and they decided to evade the property, I got served notices of violations. “The owner felt betrayed and worried as he was so far from his property and had to have the help of family members that lived in the Los Angeles area to help inspect the home and facilitate the sale of the home to my company Sell Quick California.


Grow House Property Details

I met the family members, walked through the property and brought in a few of my construction crew whom immediately started giving me quotes on all the damages. One thing that stood out as it usually always does is the potential for black mold and water damage as with any grow house a lot of water is used and in order for the plants to grow properly must be at a specified temperature that is not normal to room temperature.

Once all said and done I bought the home as is within 10 days and we started the project. Within 2 months we completed the project which included a lot of work with installing the new flooring, fixing and painting walls, removing walls, fixing the electricity, dumping a lot of debris in the backyard and interior of the home, fixing broken windows, fixing and remedying the mold and moisture on the walls.

Grow House Pictures Before



Grow House Pictures After Repair


Final Thoughts

If you are able to find a buyer who can close quickly on the house, you will potentially be able to save thousands. The costs of owning a house add up fast. Ask any flipper and they will tell you that the longer you hold a property, the more it is ultimately costing you. If you list your house, it could take months before all is said and done. But with a fast and direct sale, without agents or lenders, you will immediately be free of the property’s financial requirements. There will be no more tax obligation, homeowners insurance premiums, utility bills, or maintenance costs.

By working with us, you won’t have to pay for repairs, cleaning, marketing, or any more holding costs. You will receive a fast closing, providing you with your cash right away. You’ll be able to immediately end all holding costs and troubles you are facing that have arisen from your unwanted California house.

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