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Blog with Informative Info For Property Owners with Tax Defaults

Tax Benefits Of Owning A Home

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

For most people, owning a home is more sensible from renting one. As a homeowner, you have the freedom to do anything with your home. Homeowners can paint the walls with any color that they want, or you can change some fixtures and furniture to match your style...READ MORE 

Understanding Delinquent Taxes

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

Delinquent taxes refer to any amount of tax debt that you owe to the IRS. This means that the due date for the tax return has already passed yet you left it unpaid. If you missed a tax deadline, you should expect that penalties and interests will continue to compound until it reaches an outstanding amount....READ MORE 

Understanding Tax Benefit Of Homeownership

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

The tax benefit of homeownership is numerous. In fact, understanding about the tax benefits of owning a home allows you to plan on what you need to do when you file your taxes And just like any other tax benefits, they change from year to the other....READ MORE

Understanding Joint Home Ownership

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

Joint home ownership refers to a type of concurrent ownership which two or more people own the property. The most common joint home ownership is when two spouses – a husband and a wife – put their names on the property. READ MORE

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