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Sell My House Without A Realtor

Your home is probably the biggest investment that you can make but situations like divorce, death in the family, and relocation often leads people to sell their house. Conventional methods of selling your house require the need for a real estate agent. After the sale, both your agent and the buyer’s will share 7% of the sale price as part of their commission. Some people think that real estate agents are getting too much commission. But it is important to take note that real estate agents are very valuable because they can help list your home in multiple listing services and market your house and facilitate with the open house event. While working with realtors has a lot of advantages, there are times when house sellers want to do everything by themselves. If you want to sell your house without a real estate agent, then below are tips on what you can do to sell your house by yourself successfully.

Price Your Home When You Sell Your Home Fast Without A Real Estate Agent

Before listing your home to different websites or listing services, make sure that you set a competitive price on your home. Since you will not be getting help from a real estate agent, you need to set the price on your home by yourself. You can use the internet to get ideas on the current selling price of similar homes within your area. Be careful in overpricing your home as most people are compelled to overvalue their homes. Make sure that the asking price is realistic. When cash home buyers in Sacramento or other areas in California contact be reasonable on your price.

Get Flat Fee Listing On Multiple Listing Sites

For you to be able to sell your house and make it visible to potential home buyers, you can use multiple listing sites to advertise your home. Many prospective buyers use the sites to search for homes for sale in the country. However, using these sites often comes with a fee that amounts to a few hundreds of dollars. For you to save, use sites that offer a flat fee.

Market Your House

Aside from listing your house on websites, you also need to advertise your house. Put up “for sale” signs in front of your house or put ads on Craigslist and other websites. You can also get home-selling packages for a fee, which include yard signs and brochures that you can use to advertise your house.

Hold An Open House

Open_House_Sell_My_House_FastAside from putting up yard signs and handing out brochures, holding an open house is also very important. Advertise your open house by posting signs in your neighborhood. Make sure that you stage and fix your house before you hold an open house. It will also help if you make some refreshments available to prospective visitors.

Clean Your House

Part of the open house is to prepare it to make it look appealing to prospective buyers. This does not mean that you have to give your house a fresh coat of paint or do a massive renovation. Doing deep leaning such as decluttering, scrubbing the surfaces, and cleaning the carpet. Your house needs to be clean–not necessarily newly renovated–in order to become more appealing to prospective buyers.

Know Your House’s Selling Points

When making brochures, you need to know your property’s selling points. This includes basic information such as the number of rooms, lot size, location, and other details that might attract potential buyers. If you don’t have any idea on how to highlight your house’s selling point, you can look at listing on realtor websites to get a sense of what other sellers are doing.

Show Your House To Potential Buyers

The difficulty when selling your home by yourself is that there are times when you could not meet up with potential home buyers. For moments when you cannot meet up with clients, you can leave a key in a lockbox so that you can lead clients to it and they can visit and view your house by themselves. However, you need to verify their identity first before you give them the combination of the lock box.

Negotiate On Your Own

Negotiating with a real estate usually takes the form of a contract that is passed to the seller. The seller can accept the offer or revise the contract before being submitted to the buyer. This process continues until everyone is happy with the contract. If you are planning on selling your house without a real estate agent, you need to be familiar with the standard contract for real estate purchases. If you are not familiar, you can ask an attorney to review it since you are going to need one anyway when closing the deal. You also need to do the negotiation by yourself. The benefit of negotiating by yourself is that you do not give indications about your financial weaknesses or strengths. The challenge with negotiating on your own is that you have to do some practice in order to be able to face different types of prospective home buyers.

Comply With Local Laws

It is important that you follow the local laws related to selling your home. While some laws are universal and apply to the sale of your home no matter where you are, some are specific to your local area. For instance, the Fair Housing Act protects buyers from being discriminated by sellers based on religion, race, and sex. For you to understand the different laws related to selling your house, you need to do due diligence. You can research online to find out specific laws in your area that you have to know. Complying with the law also means that you have to prepare the necessary documents and contracts to sell your home. Selling your house without a real estate agent is not for everyone but it is possible as long as you do due diligence. It may be difficult to do everything by yourself but if you persevere, treading the real estate waters will not be so difficult. For more information on how to sell my home fast, visit us at SellQuickCalifornia.