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California Probate Code Sale Of Real Property: Understanding How Probate Sales Work

By: Sell Quick California | 04-01-2019 | 

The California probate code sale of real property can be very challenging to understand. The challenge is that there are so many codes to remember and that probate sale is something that not everyone is familiar with. Thus, before you understand about the California probate code sale of real property, it is crucial that you understand how probate sale works...READ MORE 

Inherited A Property?

By: Sell Quick California | 04-01-2019 | 

Inheriting a property from a parent or family member is an emotional experience. The last thing that you want to deal with at the time of your loss is to take care of the property side of things. Around 70% of people who have inherited a property do not want to live in them. So, if your parents left you a decent property into your name, then don’t fret and decide immediately...READ MORE 

Probate Sale Without Court Confirmation: Understanding What It Is

By: Sell Quick California | 04/01/2019| 

Death in the family can be a harrowing experience especially when the deceased loved one did not leave behind a last will and testament. When this happens, the probate court usually intervenes so that the decedent’s estate will be distributed fairly.... READ MORE

Short Selling A Probate Property in California: Selling Homes In Probate?

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

Selling short sale probate California is a hot topic right now. Also called upside down houses, short sale probate is all about houses that do not come with equity. However, when it comes to dealing with short sales, it is crucial to follow rules and procedures whether you want to buy or sell a house quick. Purchasing short sale probate California can be quite a good deal because they often have lower prices from other homes sold in the market....READ MORE 

Understanding the Probate Sale

By: Sell Quick California | 04-02-2019 | 

There are so many ways to buy a house at a cheaper price compared to other houses in the market. One of the things that you can do is to look for a probate sale. But what is it? This type of sale means that the homeowner has died without passing their property to an heir... READ MORE

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