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Mistakes To Avoid For First-Time House Sellers

Selling your home is not only time consuming but also emotionally challenging. When selling your house, you will have to do many things to spruce up your home not to mention face a lot of prospective cash house buyers who will be poking at every room in your house. And with no prior experience in selling a house, it is so easy for first-time house buyers to make a lot of mistakes. However, with a little know-how, house selling mistakes and pitfalls can be avoided. Below are the mistakes that you need to avoid especially if you are a first-time house seller.

House Selling Mistake #1: Getting Emotionally Involved

As soon as you decide to sell your home fast, you need to think of yourself as a businessperson and not a homeowner. By looking at the sale from a financial perspective, you can distance yourself from any emotional aspect of selling the property that can be quite hard especially if you have created a lot of memories in that house. The problem with putting your emotions on your property is that it is difficult for you to stage your house for sale or do things to improve the market value of your home. If you are still emotionally involved in your home, the best thing that you can do is to have someone handle the staging of your home. If somebody changes the appearance of your home, this will create an emotional distance as your home will look less familiar.

House Selling Mistake #2: Not Hiring A Real Estate Adviser

Many house sellers balk at the idea of hiring a real estate agent because they fear that they will have to pay a lot of commission. A good real estate adviser can actually be a better option and can help you set a competitive selling price for your home that will eventually increase your likelihood of making a quick sale. A real estate adviser can also help connect with you with real estate connections like relocation services, junk removal, storage, moving partners, and more.

House Selling Mistake #3: Setting An Unrealistic Price

You need to ask the right price if you want to successfully sell your home. Setting the right asking price is very important. You have to remember that overpriced homes do not sell but this does not mean that you have to sell your house at a very cheap price. But then again, if you set your house on a low price, it will generate a lot of offers so you can take on the bid that is closest to the true market value of your home. Underpricing your home can be a good strategy to make your listing more interesting.

House Selling Mistake #4: Expecting To Get Your Exact Asking Price

Money_Sell_My_house_FastWhen setting a price for your house, it is important to take note that the asking price that you have set will never be followed. The price of your house will depend whether you are in a seller’s market or buyer’s market and on whether how you stage your home. So, if you set an asking price, do not expect to get the amount that you have set.

House Selling Mistake #5: Selling During The Winter Months

What most people do not know is that selling during the winter months or around the holiday is the slowest time of the year to sell your house. People are very busy with social engagements and the cold weather inhibits people to stay at home. Since fewer buyers are likely to be looking during this time of the year, it may take you a long time to sell your home. So, if you want to sell your home, it is better to sell your home during the warm months.

House Selling Mistake #6: Not Using Enough Photos

Many house buyers go online to look for houses for sale. Another house selling mistake that you can make is not to use enough photos to show off your house. Make sure that you use good photos to give your house justice. Use a professional camera to take pictures of your home instead of your mobile phone. Use a wide-angle lens camera to take pictures of your home.

House Selling Mistake #7: Not Insuring Your Property

Since there will be many people visiting your property, you need to make sure that you insure your property in case someone gets involved in an accident in the premises and sue for damages. Aside from insuring your property, you also need to make your home free from any hazards or take the necessary precautions to keep the property safe especially when potential clients are visiting with children or pets.

House Selling Mistake #8: Hiding Significant Problems

Hiding problems in your property or covering up during buyer’s inspection is one of the biggest mistakes that you will ever make. You have to fix the problem and list the property at a higher price or offer the buyer credit to fix the problem. However, if you don’t fix the house problem in advance, there might be a number of clients who will turn away from your property. Spending money on house inspections and fixing the problems will definitely cost money but it will avoid costly surprises once your home is under contract.

House Selling Mistake #9: Not Preparing Your Home For Sale

Just because you cannot afford to hire a professional to prepare or stage your home does not mean that you should not make an effort to clean your house. In fact, there are many things that you can do by yourself such as replacing a broken doorknob or wiping the windows. You can also declutter by yourself and take the stuff that you don’t need in a storage facility. But since you are so familiar with your home, decluttering can be a challenge, so you might benefit from asking a friend for help. If your house has been sitting in the market for a long time, chances are that you may have committed these house selling mistakes. Avoiding any of these mistakes will help improve your chances of selling your house fast. For your concerns related to selling your home, you can visit for more tips.