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Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Who doesn’t have any debts here? The thing is that debt is a way of life for many people. But some home buyers have too much debt that filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get out of their financial problem.  However, filing for one can have damaging effects on your credit score so before you even think of going bankrupt and avoid foreclosure, below are the things that you can do to avoid such and save your credit score. Keep in mind prior to file bankruptcy, selling to a cash home buyer in Sacramento or any city in California may be a solution.

Ask Help from Your Creditors

Now is the time to swallow your pride and ask your creditors for help. Your creditors, truth be told, would rather get some money from you or none at all. So, let them know about your financial difficulties and ask them on what you can do to avoid bankruptcy.  Think about options on how to sell a house fast as an option and or make sure that you express your willingness to pay them and ask if they can lower your interest rate or monthly payment. You will be surprised that many credit companies and banks offer such programs to borrowers who are having tough financial situations in order to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy by selling your Sacramento house fast!

Get Consumer Credit Counseling

credit score- sell my house fast sacramento "Credit Score" by Nick Youngson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 If you weren’t lucky enough to get creditors on your side, you can seek help from consumer credit counselors who can mediate your case to creditors so that you can get not only your payment but also interest rate reduced. In the United States, people are required to get credit counseling as an alternative to going bankrupt.

Seek Help from Friends and Family

Although borrowing money from your friends and family is a bad idea as it can end relationships and even put you in a more difficult financial standing, there are always an exception to the rule and going bankrupt is one of them. Calculate how much money you need to avoid foreclosure or going bankrupt and ask friends and family members for any amount that will make up the difference. However, before you approach and borrow money from them, make sure that you create a plan on how you are going to repay them once your situation has turned around.

Settle with Your Debt Collectors and Creditors

Debt settlement is another strategy that you can do to avoid foreclosure or going bankrupt. Between going bankrupt and settling some of your debts, the latter is always the best option. When you opt for debt settlement, make sure that you don’t use debt settlement companies as you may need to put a lot of money into them, which you don’t have in the first place. Another thing that you need to do is to settle debts that have already been sent to collection companies.

Avoid Bankruptcy and Sell Your Assets

Sell some of your assets so that you can use the proceeds to pay part of your debts. You can part ways and sell your jewelry, furniture, and electronic gadgets online or in a yard sale. You might think that selling your assets is a radical thing to do but many people have surpassed paying their debts doing this. In any case, what you are giving up are merely material possessions. You can get them back once you are done paying your delinquent taxes. Once you get the notice from the IRS, make sure that you take immediate action. Don’t wait until everything is too late. Filing for bankruptcy should be your very last option and you should not settle for one especially if you still have many options. Before you figuratively wave the white flag in defeat, there is still a glimmer of hope for you. Do everything that you can and even if your financial status needs too many repairs, you can still fix it by following the tips mentioned in this article. Good luck!